African Corporate Services has resources throughout the world with the capabilities and experience to self-perform general construction, including site work, concrete forming and placement, engineering, and architect solutions. Our specialty is remote site construction. Some of our completed projects are in the most remote and austere corners of Africa. We apply exceptional construction knowledge to any project that ACS manages.

Our approach blends local labor with the techniques and expertise of expat construction managers. With proper oversight and an emphasis on safety, our management team can complete successful construction solutions where others have tried and not succeeded.

Pre-construction & Site Development

The most successful construction projects begin with planning and close communication amongst key parties during the pre-construction process. During this time, ACS can provide our clients with Project Budget Estimating, Value Analysis, Project Bid Package Development, Bid Analysis, and Scheduling. Each component will be tailored specifically to fit project needs.


ACS has an internal engineering team that has completed many projects throughout Africa. Our team is comprised of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers who assist throughout all phases of the project. We offer a working relationship with the client and work within a 3 design phases system 30%, 60%, and 100% to ensure client satisfaction.  From start-up to turn-over, we will ensure our team is working together to complete the task with integrity and safety. 


We have developed a strong, global network with architects and suppliers to collaborate on projects no matter their location and size. ACS has trusted multi-disciplined design partners, which direct all phases of the design process. Our team is also comprised of Project Managers who have worked across the continent and are familiar with International Building Codes (IBC) and codes and regulations within the host nations, which ultimately offers a successful and on-time completion.


ACS has completed many projects across the continent of Africa and has an extensive supply chain.  We offer procurement of local and international building materials. Our experience and partnerships with host countries allow us to offer a professional delivery of your needs on any project. 


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