Renewable Energy

African Corporate Services is partnered with Harnyss, LLC (head quarters located in Ft. Worth TX) and provides the global installation, logistics, training, and commissioning element for the OASIS solution. The OASIS is self-sustainable, renewable power generation systems for off-grid electrification. It is a compact and portable unit, which includes the solar modules, inverters, batteries, hydrogen production and storage, along with ta control system. Solar panels are fixed on a prefabricated structure that can easily be unfolded on sited. ACS is suitable for any application from campsites to off-grid locations and remote areas. The system operates in total silence, providing 24/7 service. During sunlight, end-users are powered directly by the solar system, through the control panel and the inverter. When the sun is not out, ACS provided electricity through a highly efficient battery bank.

In addition, the system can produce hydrogen on-site, which is stored in safe, low-pressure canisters that allow our fuel cell to trickle charge the batteries when necessary. The whole system operates seamlessly with minimal maintenance needs. End-users are typically connected with a local AC grid; however, a DC version is also available.